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“We welcome our guests in a relaxing, homely environment, offering them a quiet and peaceful retreat and excellent food choice”

Wine & Spirits had menzioned 4 times KABAJ  as one of the ” 100 best wineries in the world”


  “Goriska Brda”, in Slovenia.
The iconic cellar beside offers accomodation  in  6 large  bedrooms, and gives the chance to taste some local delicacies prepared by their chef.


The harvest is manual and made between September and October.
Vine is put in french oak barrels for at least one year before aging in bottle before it’s ready.


From the wineyard it’s possible to adventure around the hills.  the landscape panorama  is sublime.


The way of producing Veralda wine and olive oil is based on maintaining a constant level of high quality, considered by the owners the only right way to guarantee survival in the demanding market, but also …

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Interesting Slovenian winery located on Goriška Brda. Founded since 1725, has always been a family-run business.

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