The winery

Small farm, in the lands of north-western Istria (Croatia), not far from the coast. The Family offers refreshment and produces wine and oil respecting the canons of an organic agriculture.


The family tradition began in 1938 on 10 acres of land, including vineyards and other crops, until he specialized in the cultivation of vines and olives. Today it covers 26 hectares of vineyards and 5 olive groves; In the newly built cellar, they have a capacity of 500,000 lit.

the wine

They come from indigenous varieties such as:
Muskat, Malvasija, Refosk, and Teran.
Good work begins in the vineyard e
does not end after the bottling process


The award-winning vineyard in Slovenia is fully immersed in the natural beauty of Goriska Brda,

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Interesting Slovenian winery located on Goriška Brda. Founded since 1725, has always been a family-run business.

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